Cherry Street Films

CSF works with communities and classrooms whose voices need to be heard. The CSF Digital Storytelling and Filmmaking program is designed to teach students how to use multiple channels of media. Such as, virtual and augmented reality projects, web-based films, data-driven projects, mobile apps, narrative games, multimedia installations, and other multi-platform projects.

We build the confidence and skills needed to help tell and interpret stories of significance.

Students will:

  • Learn the methods of communicating stories that have the greatest audience impact.

  • Learn to use story as a way of knowing and revealing possibilities. That is, story helps students and others reveal that which is achievable, that which is within our potential, and that which serves as the foundation for vision.

  • Gain practical hands-on experience in creating engaging, visual, and imaginative material.


  • Discover Digital Storytelling and Filmmaking  as a way to communicate about  the world around them.
  • Learn the craft of creating relevant, audience-centered stories through character, plot, and action that enable participants to experience the events of the story.

  • Learn how to use narrative as a teaching tool for communicating key ideas and themes.