Week 2, July 5-7, (3day week) Intro to Music Video

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Week 2, July 5-7, (3day week) Intro to Music Video

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Music videos have the power to be a homage to something more. It’s easy to make a gorgeous music video that doesn’t have any personal meaning but what about those that have a story, that are rooted in a community, that celebrate a culture or people?

Through these weeks we will challenge youth to highlight local artist and understand basic copyright laws before creating a compelling music video that captures a story.

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Cherry Street Films Summer 2017


Summer is right around the corner and what better way for your teen to spend their summer than attending Cherry Street Film’s summer camps? Each week is focused on creating a youth led video project; from music videos, documentaries, narrative short films, and promo vids. Our curriculum weaves together a unique understanding that filmmaking is second to storytelling and that our youth have original, authentic stories they can and must share. Students will come out of Cherry Street Films’ camps with a solid understanding of the power of their voice in our contemporary media landscape.


  1. Cherry Street Film’s Summer Camp is Capped at 20 students: This allows for a more personalized experience and more time with gear and technology for youth.

  2. 1:10 Facilitator/Youth Ratio: Within the camp, we will have a 1:10 ratio ensuring help and mentorship is provided for the best youth experience.

  3. Short Film Festival Release Party: At the end of the summer there will be a short film festival that all participants are invited to. This will give youth the opportunity to see their film on the big screen.

  4. Mixed Age Group of Middle and High Schoolers: By having a mixed age, our camps allow for mentorship and leadership between the ages of 12-18 years old.

  5. Mac and Adobe Cloud Skill Building: We utilize Macs and Adobe Cloud services such as Adobe Premiere to Edit our films allowing youth to leave with solid skills they can use later in life for future jobs.

  6. Leadership and Team Building: Youth are expected to collaborate and work together in teams to produce their films. Cherry Street Films will challenge youth to take on leadership positions throughout the process.


Our camp will be located in Downtown Kirkland, 5 minutes from the lake and 10 minutes from the QFC, at the LEADPrep school space. Our camps are Monday-Friday from 9AM-3PM unless otherwise noted (i.e. July 4th). Youth must be between the ages of 11-17 years old to attend Cherry Street Films camps. We currently do not offer transportation services. Families are encouraged to reserve spots earlier than summer to ensure their child has a spot in the weeks desired.  

What Kinds of Videos Will We Make This Summer?

No two weeks are the same even if they both focus on documentaries. Our curriculum changes and adapts to the needs of that week’s participants’ interests and experience with unique film challenges to help guide youth projects.